It always frustrates me when I read about something in a blog and know there was a link to it in the text, but a day or two later I can’t find the post to find the link. When I blog, I include links in the text like any other blog, but I will also add those links here, so you can find them all in one place. I also provide category headings so you can find things quicker.

Please note that some (not all) of these links may be affiliate links and I may receive a small commission based on your interaction with that link. This commission is a nice bonus, but never my primary purpose in sharing the link with you.


  • Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy  (A book to help those, like me, who have a bit of a problem with procrastination)
  • The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod  (This is the book that lays out the format for the Level 10 Life exercise I often write about)


Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization tells you just how much global money is invested in which Cryptocurrency. It is a way to discover new cryptocurrencies and understand your favorite currency’s ranking within the global whole. I suggest taking a look here if you are interested in more than just simple buy-and-hold bitcoin investing.

  • BitConnect – a place to lend out bitconnect coin and earn daily interest. It has been around for over 2 years with active trading on the site and a good track record of payouts. Average interest payout hovers around 0.9% daily and your investment is tied up for 299 days.
  • BitPetite – a relatively new site to earn interest on bitcoin lends. As of October 2017, it had only been active for 130 days, so it is still unproven and potentially risky. They are not as clear on how they make the money they pay out in interest. Minimum investment is low ($28 worth of bitcoin) but it’s a gamble. Pays straight 4% interest on weekdays, 1% interest on weekend days, and your investment is tied up for 6 weeks.
  • Changelly – this is a crypto trading site. Once you start to get into cryptocurrencies, you will discover there are seemingly endless currencies out there. Here is where you can trade them. You will need wallet services for each coin you wish to trade and some wallets (like Exodus, see below) will allow trading of the included assets within the wallet itself. If trading currencies between wallets, this is a good option.
  • Coinbase – a bitcoin, ethereum and/or litecoin wallet service. You can also purchase these currencies here using your standard currency. Conversion fees are the lowest I’ve found.
  • Electroneum – a new kind of cryptocurrency being released at the end of October 2017. The Electroneum ICO sold out and the currency will go live on November 1, 2017. After this is can be traded and/or held like Bitcoin.
  • Exodus – a free desktop software wallet for various cryptocurrencies. This is considered by many to be the best non-paper storage wallet available. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase currency inside the wallet with standard currency, so Coinbase is still the best place I’ve seen to do convert your standard currency.


  • Bullet Journal – this is a link to a purchasable journal. If you are interested in the process of bullet journaling, please visit for more information on how it works.