About This Site


At 45, I graduated with a Master of Architecture degree. Five short (and exceptionally long) years ago, I started my education with only a handful of college credits I earned when I was 18, before I left school to start a family. Now, my kids are grown, I have a couple grandkids, and I have this shiny new degree to show off to the world; so why can’t I decide what I want to do next? This question has loomed over my head for the last month… a month of going to bed too late, sleeping in too much, and being far too distracted by things I shouldn’t be focused on right now. There’s also been quite a bit of time dedicated to endlessly going over the bucket list I started back in high school.  I’ve always been great at going after what I want, but that is very hard to do when you have figured out where that path even is.

Maybe some of you are in a similar position? Maybe your kids have finally moved out and you’re trying to figure out what the next stage of life has in store? Maybe you’ve just graduated school and you’re trying to figure out how to make something (other than an airplane) out of that very expensive piece of paper you worked so hard for? Maybe you’re anxious to get out of debt (or off a struggling college student budget) and are looking for streams of income to supplement a 9-5 paycheck? Maybe you’re avoiding living your own life (or doing the things that scare you) by reading about someone else’s life? Maybe you want to figure out how to stop staring at that 30-year old bucket list and start living it? If any of these apply to you; I was you, I am you, and I am happy to have you along for my journey.